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Perfect, Finishing Details to Amplify Your Natural, Facial Beauty
Boost your confidence and enrich your eyes with our renowned eyelash and eyebrow services.

Dazzling Eyelash Extensions & Brow Shaping in Milford, PA

At a|k Studios, we know it can be a tedious process tweezing your eyebrows, filling in your eyebrows, applying mascara, and more, all before you can head out the door. If you’re looking to darken your eyelashes and eyebrows, lift your eyelashes, and enrich your features all while saving time in the mornings, we’ve got services that are right for you.

Add POP with Eyelash Extensions

Long, dusky eyelashes speak volumes about our mystique, but for most of us, the daily investment in mascara can quickly grow tiresome. With eyelash extensions at a|k Studios, you can wake up with the perfect eyelashes—each and every day.

The extension treatment works by adhering fibers to individual lashes with a semi-permanent glue. During the treatment, your natural lashes are matched to an extension color, giving you a natural, but stunning eye look. Most extensions last anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 month and will naturally shed with your lash growth. At a|k Studios, we create luscious lash lines that will amplify any look.


Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

Add volume to the natural lash
Appear more youthful
Save time
Consistent lift
Avoid mascara mishaps

Brow Shaping & Brow Henna

Remove unwanted facial hair and attain your ideal eyebrows at a|k Studios. If you’re tired of shaving, filling in, and being unhappy with your natural eyebrows, brow shaping & brow henna could be for you.

At a|k Studios, we know the details matter. Our award-winning brow styles begin with a personal touch. We create a brow shape that’s tailored to your facial features. During your treatment, your brows are waxed and shaped to engineer the perfect brow. For darker, more noticeable brows, our brow henna technique is a natural and effective method. Our brow henna is plant-based and activated with water, so it can last for upward of 6 weeks on hair.

Perfect for someone with light-colored brows, our henna comes in a variety of shades and can be totally customized for each client. Schedule an appointment with a|k Studios and discover your perfect brow.


Benefits of Brow Shaping

Accentuate your eyes
Fully customizable
Fresh & youthful appearance
Slow hair regrowth

Lash Lift & Tint

If you’re tired of your look or want a more dramatic style, our lash lift & tint may be the perfect solution. The treatment is similar to a perm for your natural lashes, utilizing a keratin solution.

During your treatment, each individual lash is boosted, lifted, and colored for thicker, darker, and longer-looking eyelashes. A setting solution is applied for results that last for upward of 8 weeks. And, if you want darker lashes, 6 weeks after your lash lift, we can add tint on top of your lift. With a lash lift and tint from a|k Studios, you’ll enjoy mascara effects full-time and without the extra hassle!


Benefits of Lash Lift & Tint

Safe & Effective
Give your eyes a much-needed pop
Save time
Thicker, fuller, and darker lashes
Appear less tired and more youthful

Attain Stunning, Alluring Eyebrows and Eyelashes at a|k Studios

We understand the frustration of constantly applying and retouching makeup to achieve your desired look. Thankfully, with our eyebrow and eyelash services you can say “goodbye” to time-consuming makeup applications and “hello” to perfectly colored and shaped eyes each morning.

Come relax at a|k Studios in Milford, PA. Our attention to detail and love of building relationships with clients creates a stress-free and soothing environment. With our eyebrow and eyelash services, you can save time, save money, and wake up ready to stun your way through the day. Call us at (570) 832-1946 to schedule your treatment or contact us online today.

Brow Treatment & Eyelash Extension FAQs

Eyebrow waxing is concerned with plucking stray hairs to maintain shape. Eyebrow shaping, on the other hand, uses the dimensions of your eyebrows and the bone structure of your face to determine the ideal brow length, width, and shape. After that, we’ll work with your brows to bring them in line with what suits your face best. The process is fully customizable. Just as no two faces are the same, all eyebrows are unique!

If the eyelash extensions are applied properly, no damage should occur to your natural lashes or the growth of new lashes. An expert hand can select the correct fibers and properly apply the extensions to avoid any harm. At a|k Studios, we are dedicated to your health and safety. For this reason, our team members are trained and certified in each service they perform.

Your eyelash extension appointment can be anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. Depending on your existing lashes and desired results, more or less time may be required for optimal results. At a|k Studios, we don’t shy away from the intricate details and spend however long you need to produce results you are ecstatic about.

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