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Restore Your Sense of Self & Beauty by Making Your Breasts Whole
After mastectomies and breast reconstruction surgery, you deserve to feel like your full self. Here’s how.
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Masterful 3D Areola Repigmentation in Milford, PA

Your body doesn’t define you, but it’s been your home for your entire life. You know and appreciate your body’s curves, its bumps, its contours—everything that stands out to you as being uniquely feminine.

Unfortunately, the threat of breast cancer affects too many women each year, and the consequences of a mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery can leave you feeling like less than the woman you were before. Thankfully, a|k Studios can help you reclaim your sense of self—both in the mirror and beyond it.

What is 3D Areola Repigmentation?

3D areola repigmentation (also called nipple simulation) is a cosmetic tattooing technique designed to restore the appearance of a full, natural breast. After mastectomy and breast reconstruction procedures, 3D areola repigmentation restores full visual identity to your breasts, helping you feel whole again as both a woman and a partner.

As with other tattooing techniques, 3D areola repigmentation begins with a drawing. This is a rough outline for the shape and position of your nipple. Once the outline is drawn to your specifications, we’ll insert pigments into the middle layer of skin (dermis) where they will remain for good. Finally, we create the illusion of a raised nipple through a combination of different pigments, shading, and shaping. This restores the visual sense of an areola and nipple, bringing you that much closer to how you feel: complete.


Benefits of 3D Areola Repigmentation

For many women, the benefits of restoring their visual identity are mostly ineffable. We invest so much of our identities into our physical features that it can be difficult to reconcile what you see in the mirror with what you feel in your heart. Aside from restoring a sense of self and a sense of desirability, 3D areola restoration has other benefits, including:

Provides a focal point for breasts
Can hide scarring or incisions
Permanent results
Reasonable procedure time (2-3 hours)
Restores sense of normalcy
Restores sense of self
More comfortable than traditional tattooing
Minimal to no downtime/recovery
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Find a Renewed Sense of Self at a|k Studios

After the hardest, most challenging decisions you’ve ever had to make about your body, you deserve whatever you need to feel complete and comfortable within yourself. Not every woman needs breast reconstruction surgery or desires the same visual features they once had, but for others, 3D areola repigmentation can restore a familiarity with the body that means the world to them.

The “a|k” in a|k Studios stands for Amy Kernahan—our owner and resident micropigmentation artist. Amy is known throughout Pennsylvania, New York City, and elsewhere for her masterful commitment to cosmetic tattooing techniques, ranging from microblading to 3D areola repigmentation. To learn more about the procedure, or about the skills involved, call us at (570) 832-1946 to schedule your appointment or contact us online today.

3D Areola Repigmentation FAQs

For the best results and maximum safety, you’ll need to be fully healed from previous procedures before 3D areola repigmentation. This could take up to 6 months or longer after your final breast reconstruction procedure. If you’re unsure about your candidacy, give us a call at (570) 832-1946 or contact us online. We’ll be happy to walk you through the process so that you’re as confident as can be.

Like other tattoos, the pigments used to reconstruct your areola will remain in the middle layer of the skin (dermis) for the rest of your natural life. The process may be reversed through laser treatments, but little else will degrade or compromise your ultimate results. Touch-ups are sometimes needed down the years, but we’re happy to help with those as well.

For at least one week after your appointment, you’ll need to follow some specific care instructions to promote healing and preserve results. Beyond that, the 3D areola repigmentation procedure requires no special downtime or recovery periods. After your procedure, we’ll speak to you at length about how to care for your results and speed the healing process along until you’re feeling whole again.

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