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Bursts of Skin-Restoring Light For Comprehensive Rejuvenation
Intense Pulsed Light Therapy tackles a dozen facial imperfections in each and every sitting. What can IPL do for you?
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Skin Tightening & Blemish Reduction in Milford, PA

As we age, the years weigh down our facial skin. Skin laxity (looseness) results from a diminished production of collagen and elastin—two vital structural proteins that your skin produces in abundance when young. Sun damage, acne, and rosacea can also compromise the quality and appearance of skin, but what one form of light damages, another can repair. Here’s how.

IPL for Hyperpigmentation

In essence, freckles, liver spots, age spots, and other common blemishes are little more than gatherings of discolored skin cells. Ultraviolet light can cause some skin cells to overproduce melanin—the substance that gives your skin, eyes, and hair color.

Intense pulsed light therapy (IPL) uses bursts of powerful light to break up these clumpings. Once disbanded, discolored skin cells are processed out by natural skin functions, leaving only smooth, uniformly-colored cheeks, brows, chins, foreheads, and ears.


IPL for Skin Tightening

Sagging skin is a common concern for most of us past a certain age, but like so many other skin issues, it meets its match with IPL treatments. Our body naturally produces two excellent, skin-boosting substances—elastin and collagen. As its name suggests, elastin regulates the “elastic” quality of our skin while collagen supports hydration, healing, texture, and contour.

The intense light of the IPL process soaks into your skin in the form of heat. By warming the lower layers of your skin (dermis and hypodermis), this light supercharges your body’s natural production of elastin and collagen—leading to a tighter, more youthful, and healthier face.


IPL for Acne & Rosacea

For some, acne is the battle that never ends. Painful and embarrassing acne outbreaks can follow us well into middle age or longer. Rosacea, too, can pose a chronic issue or make socializing less than comfortable. Thankfully, both skin conditions have an answer in IPL photofacials.

A boost in collagen helps your skin repair (and even prevent) scarring created by acne outbreaks. By healing faster and more comprehensively, your skin shakes off acne damage at an accelerated rate. Similarly, the blood vessels responsible for rosacea absorb heat and light throughout IPL treatment sessions. Each burst of light reduces inflammation, shrinking some of the swollen blood vessels responsible for redness.

For both acne and rosacea sufferers, IPL can reduce the most visible and uncomfortable symptoms while limiting further outbreaks and flare ups in the future.


Benefits of IPL Therapy

IPL Photofacials can treat a handful of skin conditions, including:

Acne scars
Liver/Age spots
Fine lines
Rosacea redness
Some birthmarks
Broken blood vessels

As a treatment, IPL photofacials have other advantages, including:

Little to no downtime
Quick & comfortable
Treats numerous issues each sitting
Encourages healing
Reverses some premature signs of aging
Pairs well with other non-surgical treatments
Quick and convenient

Rejuvenate, Tighten, & Heal with IPL Photofacials at a|k Studios

Your skin has a love/hate relationship with light, but the right kind of light delivered in appropriate pulses can inspire wonders. For just about everything from acne and rosacea to loose skin and discolored blemishes, IPL offers a confident way forward.

When you visit a|k Studios in Milford, PA, you’re part of the family, part of the fun, and part of our compassionate beauty tribe. IPL photofacials have almost too many benefits and applications to list. Call us at (570) 832-1946 to schedule your appointment or contact us online today.

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy FAQs

Most IPL photofacial results become apparent within a week of your most recent appointment. Full benefits may take four to six weeks to settle in, especially if several IPL sessions are required to achieve your desired results.

No, not for most. IPL photofacials are safe and comfortable for a majority of patients. Some may experience minor sensations of heat, but otherwise, the procedure generally becomes more comfortable as it goes along. Topical solutions can be applied in the event of discomfort.

For the treatment of hyperpigmentation, IPL permanently destroys blemishes, age spots, and liver spots. However, additional sun damage or intense sun exposure could create new discolored spots elsewhere.

Meanwhile, IPL’s skin tightening effects can last upwards of a year or longer. For acne and rosacea, patients may need ongoing treatments to maintain results. Unfortunately, there’s no known cure for rosacea or acne, though it can be effectively treated with regular IPL sessions.

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